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CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on Innovative Discoveries and Emerging Advancements in Applied Sciences [iDEAAS] 2024

Conference Dates: April 18-20, 2024
Venue: MAHSA University, Malaysia
Organized by: AAN, Malaysia in association with Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Rajalaskshmi Engineering College and MAHSA University, Malaysia
Mode of Conference:

About the Conference:

The International Conference on Innovative Discoveries and Emerging Advancements in Applied Sciences [iDEAAS] 2024 shall serve as a hub for innovative discoveries and emerging advancements in the world of Applied Sciences. Our mission is to build bridges between multi-disciplinary fields of research, aiming to bring to light the latest developments in technology, applied sciences, and their interdisciplinary areas. The conference aspires to provide an enriching platform for academicians, industrialists, research scholars, and students to share their expertise and research contributions. Through this platform, we offer an opportunity for the exchange of technical know-how and the dissemination of cutting-edge research, allowing attendees to broaden their technical acumen and deepen their understanding of emerging research areas.

iDEAAS-2024 is particularly focused on drawing active researchers and experts from a wide array of disciplines. It aims to facilitate robust technical discussions and the sharing of research ideas across various topics, giving insights into potential applications and societal impacts. The conference also serves as an invaluable resource for young researchers, who will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest advancements in areas marked by mathematical, scientific, and computational prominence. Our overarching goal is to foster collaboration and facilitate knowledge-sharing. Through iDEAAS-2024, we aim to propel forward the field of Applied Sciences, enriching it with diverse perspectives and innovative approaches.

iDEAAS 2024 invites abstracts and full papers pertaining to but not limited to various tracks from academics, research scholars, and industry practitioners.

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