Information For Librarians

We appreciate the valuable role librarians play in supporting research and providing access to scholarly resources. We encourage librarians to explore the resources and services we offer:

1. Journal Access:

Our journal, "Journal of Computers, Mechanical and Management," is an invaluable resource for researchers, faculty and students. It provides access to cutting-edge research in the fields of basic sciences, engineering, and management studies. We encourage librarians to ensure that our journal is included in their institution's collection.

2. Subscription Information:

If you are interested in subscribing to our journal or obtaining subscription-related information, please contact our editorial office at

3. Open Access Content:

As an Open Access journal, we believe in the power of freely accessible knowledge. All our articles are available to read and download without any subscription or paywall barriers. Librarians can share this information with their patrons and colleagues to facilitate access to our content.

4. Indexing and Databases:

Our journal is indexed and included in Google Scholar, ResearchGate and Sematic Scholar as of date. Librarians can refer to the indexing information available on our website or contact us for specific details.

5. Archiving and Preservation:

We prioritize the long-term archiving and preservation of our published content. Librarians can be assured that our journal's articles are stored in reliable digital archives to ensure their continued availability.

6. Feedback and Suggestions:

We value your input and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have to improve our journal or enhance the services we offer to the academic community. Please feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts by mailing us at