Non-Destructive Health Monitoring Techniques for Composite Materials Used in Aerospace Industry


  • Md. Shaishab Ahmed Shetu Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Science and Engineering, College of Aviation Technology, National University of Bangladesh, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1230



Non-Destructive Testing, Composite material, Ultrasound, Shearography, Inspection


Composite structures and materials are improving in terms of cost-effectiveness, product efficiency, and the creation of better specific properties. The aerospace industry is using composite materials extensively. Therefore, reliable non-destructive testing of composites is crucial to lowering maintenance costs and safety issues. Various non-destructive testing techniques have been developed based on distinct concepts to ensure quality throughout a composite product's entire lifecycle. These include Ultrasonic Testing, Acoustic Emission, Eddy Current Testing, Shearographic Testing, infrared thermography, and X-ray radiography. The most well-known non-destructive testing methods, guiding principles, instruments, and facilities for composite defect detection and damage evolution are reviewed in this paper. This paper will review the current state of the art in the area and emphasize the Success and challenges of various Non-Destructive Testing techniques for assessing the integrity of crucial aerospace composites. The study reviewed all Non-Destructive Testing methods, finding that infrared thermography and Ultrasonic Testing are the flexible and affordable options, having been widely applied in both the academic research and industrial sectors. Although rarely successful in providing a comprehensive diagnostic of structural integrity, each non-destructive testing method has its potential. Future research and development in non-destructive testing methods for composites will focus on Smart inspection systems with high levels of precision and data processing speed.



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M. S. A. Shetu, “Non-Destructive Health Monitoring Techniques for Composite Materials Used in Aerospace Industry”, J. Comput. Mech. Manag, vol. 3, no. 1, Feb. 2024.



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