Peer-review and Proofing

Peer Review

This publication follows a single, anonymous review process. The editor will initially evaluate the acceptability of all submissions for the journal. Then, papers considered acceptable are normally sent to a minimum of three independent experts who evaluate the paper's scientific quality. The Editor is ultimately responsible for accepting or rejecting submitted articles. The decision of the Editor is final. Editors do not participate in decisions about papers they have written, papers written by family members or colleagues, or papers pertaining to products or services in which the editor has a financial interest. Any such submission is subject to all of the journal's standard procedures, with peer review conducted independently of the appropriate editor and their respective research groups.

Electronic Proof After Accptance:

The final page proofs will be submitted to the relevant author for review. Corrections to the proofs must be limited to printer's errors; the author will be charged for any other modifications to the text, including equations and grammar. Proofs must be returned to the editors within seven days of receipt to reduce the possibility that the author's contribution will be delayed until a subsequent issue. The editors disclaim responsibility for the accuracy of published material. At the proof stage, it is the author's obligation to review the content.