Crossmark Policy for Journal of Computers, Mechanical and Management


Articles published in the Journal of Computers, Mechanical and Management (JCMM) are permanent and available through a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) on our journal website. If an author wishes to revise their published article, they may send the revised version to JCMM. All previous versions and the current version of the article will be available for readers to reference.

JCMM is a member of Crossref and participates in the Crossmark initiative. Crossmark provides a system that enables readers to access the latest version of a research paper or article. By adopting this system, JCMM ensures that readers have access to the most up-to-date version of an article and are notified of any changes made to the original version. Readers can view the current status of an article and obtain additional information about the article by clicking on the Crossmark logo.

Article Retraction Policy

An article may be retracted at the request of the author or by the publisher if it violates JCMM's policies or has significant issues. An article may also be retracted if it contains plagiarized material, duplicate or overlapping publications, fraudulent use of data, or serious errors or incorrect research. In these circumstances, the article may be withdrawn, or a corrected version may be republished. Articles cannot be retracted or withdrawn for the purpose of publishing elsewhere.

Correction of Articles

Mistakes can occur at any stage of the research process, including during the writing, peer-review, and publication stages. Corrections to articles may be made by authors or editors, and the corrected version may be republished. Readers can access all amended and old versions of articles through the Crossmark initiative, of which JCMM is an active member.

Article Removal

JCMM is committed to upholding ethical standards and enforcing its policies. In rare cases, published articles may be removed from our database or archive if they infringe on copyright or contain material that is offensive to any group, community, religion, gender, or race. Articles may also be removed if they contain incomplete or inaccurate studies that pose serious health risks.

The editorial board of JCMM, guided by the policies of the journal, is responsible for deciding which research works shall be published. The Editor-in-Chief has the final authority in making this decision and is constrained by legal requirements regarding copyright violations and plagiarism.

In the event that a published article requires retraction or removal, JCMM follows the guidelines set forth by the Crossmark initiative and ensures that the academic record is maintained with integrity. JCMM encourages academic integrity and may appoint a journal ethics panel to advise on specific cases and review journal policies periodically.

JCMM aims to ensure that published research works are securely archived and authors are given the opportunity to make their original research articles freely available.

Allegation of Misconduct and Conflict of Interest Policy:

At JCMM, we uphold the highest ethical standards in publishing and research. We take any allegation of misconduct or conflict of interest very seriously and have a clear policy in place to address such concerns.

If there is any allegation of misconduct or conflict of interest, regardless of its nature like relationship personal or professional, economical or non-economical among authors, reviewers, editors, journals, and publishers, please bring it to our notice immediately in writing by emailing

We will thoroughly investigate the concern or issue and take appropriate action against the complaint if it is found to be valid. Our team of experts will review the case and its details, and an unbiased decision or action will be taken based on the final report.

In the case of serious misconduct or conflict of interest, such as plagiarism or violation of ethical codes, the published paper will be withdrawn or removed from the publication. However, if there is no issue of plagiarism, misconduct or conflict of interest, the published paper will not be removed.

If you have any complaint or appeal to make about the journal, please address the mail to the editor and explain clearly the basis for the appeal. Submit an appeal letter to

We assure our readers, authors, reviewers, and editors that we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and ensuring the integrity of our publications.